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Costuming in the San Francisco Bay Area

Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild

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Founded in 1990, The Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild (GBACG) originally was the Northern
California chapter of the International Costumer’s Guild (ICG). While we are no longer a chapter of the ICG, many of our members keep close ties with that organization.

We are an educational and social group, promoting all aspects of costume and textile arts. We welcome all levels of experience, even the non-sewer or novice!

The Guild holds workshops and costumed events year round, in an around the
San Francisco Bay Area, all of which are open to members and the general public.

We also hold "Costume Clinics" where experts are available to help you get ready
for those big Bay Area Events, such as Renaissance Faire, Dickens, Baycon, PEERS
dances, Regency, Art Deco and our own events, such as the "Let Them Drink Wine" an 18th Century Picnic.

We also hold a regular sewing circle on the first or second Sunday of each month, with a movie tie-in. The Costume Clinics and GBACG (Movie Lover's) Sewing Circle are a free "new-comer friendly" way to become introduced to the Guild.

In addition, we participate in events with other organizations such as Dunsmuir
Historic House, the California Historical Society, the De Young Museum of Fine
Arts, and the Jane Austen Society of North America. All activities are listed on
our web site Calendar and in the newsletter (Finery) received with by the

Visit our extensive web site at www.gbacg.org for pictures of our latest events,
visit our Great Pattern Review before you buy those expensive patterns,
visit our costume links, take a look at images from our past events
and so much more.

In addition to this Live Journal Community, we have an emailing list for our
members and friends of the Guild, through Yahoo Groups. It’s an easy way to stay
up-to-date on the latest information. See our web site for more information on how to join the list. You do not have to be a member to be on our list or to belong to this community.

The GBACG Costumer’s list is moderated and the volume is low. In addition to
posting notices relating to our activities, we also use it to let our members
know when various opportunities come up such as job openings relating to costuming
or participation in some community activity such as going in costume to the Opening Night of "Pirates of the Carribean; Dead Man's Chest."

There are many ways to connect with other costumer's through the GBACG. We hope
you will have fun here. Please use common sense when posting your journal entries.
No spamming or flaming, and please try to avoid those short, pointless responses,
such as "me, too," or "yeah, cool." Please don't use this space for business
advertising. If you're cleaning out your fabric hoard, or selling old costumes on EBay, we want to know, but business solicitation in it's more commercial form is against the rules. If you are in doubt about what is appropriate, don't hesitate to email the Community