Historically accurate 1850s/1860s crinoline/hoop skirt undergarment question.

Hi, I hope it's okay that I ask these questions because I want to be informed. I was wondering what is a historically accurate crinoline/hoop skirt undergarment in the 1850s/1860s? What does it look like and made out of? What are the different styles of historically accurate crinoline/hoop skirts? I'm sure they used cage crinolines, etc. but any more? Did they have clothed ones and were there adjustable ones? Also, what is the historically accurate circumference? Pictures and/or descriptions appreciated. Thanks.

- Melissa

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General ticket sales open for Unification Day Saloon Shindig!

Tickets are now on sale to GBACG members and non-members alike!

Unification Day Saloon Shindig, A Firefly/Serenity Event
Saturday, July 19th, 2008 -- 7pm to Midnight
Bull Valley Restaurant, Port Costa, CA

While Alliance-friendly bars may be a fun place to start a brawl on
U-Day, consider stoppin' for a spell with Madam Zira and her girls at
the edge of the `verse to lift a glass to our fallen heroes.

For more information and tickets visit:

GBACG Member* price: $35
Non-Member price:$45
Ticket includes two drinks of your choice and hors d'oeuvres.
You must be 21 years or older to attend this event.

Not a GBACG Member? Purchase a GBACG Membership and save on tickets:

We hope you join us for a shiny time way out in the black!

*GBACG Sister Org Members included.
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Costumes and dancing...

The Bay Area English Regency Dance Society Presents:

The Great Regency Shipwreck Ball

"Regency Survivor"

We can't get off this island, so we might as well entertain ourselves!

Caller Alan Winston with The Divertimento Dance Orchestra
Saturday June 21, 2008 8:00-11:30pm
Arlington Community Church (website)
52 Arlington Ave
Kensington, CA (map)

The Divertimento Orchestra will provide jolly music. The marooned elite, in any remaining finery, are invited to dance arm-in-arm with the ships' captain and crew. Meet up at 8PM sharp aboard the ruins for dance, drink and good company!

Come as you are, whether Passenger, Pirate, Native, Merfolk or member of Her Majesty's Royal Navy. If your wardrobe was relocated to Davy Jones' Locker during the fateful storm, fashion yourself new togs from local flora (grass skirts are all the rage among the natives!).

We've made peace with the island inhabitants and the merfolk in the bay, so we will feast with them on seafood, fresh fruits, springwater and provisions salvaged from the hold. The contribution of exotic new delicacies from forays inland are welcome - as long as you have already tried them first.

Subscriptions are $20 at the door, $15 in advance.
$2 discount for GBACG, BACDS, and COYOTE/SFCOP members.
Advance mail registrations must be received by us no later than June 18th.
Costumes admired but not required. All dances taught during the ball. No partner required.

Make out checks to "BAERS", and send them to
BAERS c/o Vanessa Schnatmeier 1122 Hudson Street Redwood City, CA 94061

Street Address: 
City, State, ZIP: 
Mark if new address for mailing list:   Number of admissions desired  

What is the English Regency? See http://www.baers.org

Who will make my clockwork Polonaise?

So I have gathered up the Robert Kaufman fabrics, and a bunch of antique glass clockface buttons, and I would like to have a dress made for the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles in the Fall. The pattern I want is Truly Victorian 410, 1873 Polonaise.

here are my thoughts on this: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT HISTORICAL ACCURACY.
This will be a steampunk, punkass, patchwork polonaise with many fabrics, crazy trim, etc.
I actually want it to have leatherette straps across the bodice. I will NOT be wearing a corset under it, my natural shape is just fine thankyou!
I am looking for someone to make this who has made a Polonaise before, at least once, someone who has no problem completing projects in a timely fashion and isn't so busy that scheduling will be a huge challenge. And it needs to be someone local if at all possible, because I'd really like to do a trade- a portrait for the dress!- it's more fun that way. But I am also open to paying for it.
if you know anybody who might be interested, please forward them my info !
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New to the area...

Heya everyone!

I've just immigrated to San Francisco from the UK and have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

1. My Bernina sewing machine needs servicing before I use it over here. Any recommendations? I have transport, but somewhere within San Francisco would be helpful!

2. I am looking for millinery supplies. Any suggestions?

3. I am also looking for tailoring fabrics, particularly very fine silk/wool mix suiting fabric. Price is not that much of an issue, as it's for my fiancé's wedding frock coat.

Look forward to meeting peoples in due course!
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Costume-Con 26 and Flickr: Spread the word!

The photo workflow office is back in Orange County, and is still working like mad to process the over 20,000 pictures that volunteers shot and turned in. It's going to take a few days for these to get uploaded.

But don't wait! There's hope!

If you're a Flickr member, and you shot photos at Costume-Con 26, please consider adding your convention sets to the Costume-Con 26 group photo pool. We've already got two members who have added their sets, but we would love to see more.
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CC26 Hotel Stuff...

After talking with Heather and Aaron at the lovely GBACG salon hosted by Lisa and Chris...

I realized should go into a bit more depth as to why people should get a hotel room for Costume-Con 26 even though it's right here, and (if you've got the available budget) why it's worth checking in on Thursday night and checking out Tuesday.

So the basics: We live about 7 miles from the Doubletree. We regularly attend conventions there, including BayCon, SiliCon and Further Confusion. In spite of being so close, we always get a hotel room.

* Why get a room, when we're barely a 15 minute drive from home?

Even if we're not wearing costumes a lot at a convention, we still regularly change clothes at least between day-wear and eveningwear. If it's a costume-heavy event, we may change clothes two or three times daily. Having a room means having a closet and changing space. Keeping a duffle in your car and changing in a friend's room (or a hotel bathroom) just isn't as convenient, for you or your friends.

Having access to your own shower is a real benefit. Having access to a vanity and plenty of mirror space is also really nice. If you're doing complicated make-up or hair, they're vital.

While there is planned workspace and social space, sometimes you just need to get away from the crowds, and if you don't have a room that's difficult.

If you're planning to party, being able to catch an elevator back to your room (rather than driving home) is worth the expense.

* Why check in Thursday, though? The con doesn't start until Friday, right?

Well, that's true. There's the ICG meeting on Friday morning, if you care (and you probably don't). Dealers room is scheduled to open at noon, and may open earlier if all the dealers are ready. Programming starts at 1:00. All that is before the regular 3:00pm check-in time at the hotel. While you may be able to check in earlier than that, it's more likely you're going to have to check your bags with the bell stand or leave them in your car until your room is available. If you get the room Thursday night, you're already in, and can spend time with your friends on Friday without the pressure of move-in.

If you're bringing a lot of stuff, it's really worth it. You can check in on Thursday evening with your first car-load, and do a quick run on Friday morning (while the ICG meeting is happening) to pick up your second. Again, it reduces the move-in pressure and gives you more time to just hang out with your friends.

Finally, most of the convention committee and a lot of the out-of-towners will already be there on Thursday. Early hospitality and pre-registration pick-up will be open on Thursday night. It's a great time to meet the convention staff before things get crazy. It's a great time to spend a little extra time with your friends before the program and events start pulling you in different directions.

If you've got the (roughly) $100 available in your budget, it's money well-spent.

* Why check out Tuesday, if the con is already over Monday evening?

The convention program is scheduled to 5:00pm (I think) Monday. The hotel's check-out time is noon. While it may be possible to get a late check-out, it's not going to be that late, and you're going to lose a bunch of the morning to packing up. You'll also have to stash your bags in your car or check them at the bell desk.

If you bring a lot of stuff, you can use a little time on Monday hauling carloads home, and load up your last things on Tuesday morning before going to work. There's a lot less time pressure this way.

There's also the traditional "dead dog" party in hospitality on Monday night. Many of the folks who have spent the weekend doing a lot of work (or entering a lot of competitions) finally have a chance to relax at this point. It's a last chance to hang out with the people from out-of-town before they go home and you don't see them again for months. Regular convention attendees and staffers will often tell you that, no matter how good the rest of the convention may be, this is the best part.

If you've got the (roughly) $100 available in your budget, it's money well-spent.

* Why should I deal with this soon?

Costume-Con 26's hotel contract only guarantees room availability at our rates until April 3. After that, the remaining rooms in the convention's hotel block are "released." While it may be possible to get the convention rate after April 3, it may not be as easy.

* What should I do if the hotel doesn't want to give me the convention rate?

If it's online (particularly if you're attempting to update your reservation), try calling the hotel directly at (408) 453-4000. The hotel's reservation agents often can do things that the online system can't handle.

If they can't get you our rate, take the reservation at the rate you're given by the hotel. Then email hotel@cc26.org with your name, dates and confirmation number. Our hotel liaison will work with the hotel to get your rate fixed. That's one of the things he's here for.
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Program update for Costume-Con 26: Announcing our Retrospective speakers!

Reliable sources* high up in the CC26 programming department have leaked some details about confirmed program items for the conference.

First, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that the retrospectives at Costume-Con 26 will be presented by

Pierre and Sandy Pettinger
Bruce and Dana MacDermott

You can visit http://www.cc26.info/main.php?section=program for lots more information about our classes, workshops and retrospectives.

Also, we're well past 500 registered members now, and are expanding the educational program as a result. IIf you'd like to suggest an item, we now have a great web-based tool that avoids email disasters! Make your suggestions at https://www.cc26.info/interactive/program_item_form.php. (You do not need to be a registered member to make suggestions, but if you are,
please log in before doing so; it makes it easier for us to contact you about them!)

Kevin Roche
Chair, Costume-Con 26

*Reliable as in the department head.
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CC26 Food/Bev tour plans

Have you been asking yourself
"Why should I go to San Jose for Costume-Con?"

Well, you should go to San Jose because Costume-Con is there. While you're in San Jose, though, the Bay Area beckons with unique opportunities for fun. If you're in to decadent food and beverage, we've definitely got you covered.

Come out a day early. Check in to our hotel on Wednesday night, because on Thursday morning (4/24) chocolate awaits!

It's about an hour's trip to Berkeley, but it's worth it. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is a first-tier chocolate manufacturer, starting with the raw beans and controlling every step in the process of making the best small-batch chocolate in the country. After the tour, we'll take lunch at Café Cacao, right in the Scharffen Berger factory.

From lunch we'll continue the short jaunt from Scharffen Berger to St. George Spirits, a cradle of craft-distilling in the US. Located at the northwest end of Naval Air Station Alameda (a site familiar to the fans of Mythbusters) in an old hangar, St. George Spirits is classic Schwartzwald, Germany transplanted to California. Under the St. George name, Jörg, Lance and their crew distill eaux de vie, liqueuers and a superb single-malt whisky. Their recent Absinthe release rocked the spirits world. They're also well-known for distilling the "Hangar One" series of flavored vodkas. In a partnership with John Scharffenberger, they produce "Qi" tea liqueurs and "Essence of Cacao" perfume. Taste carefully.

If a chocolate maker and a distiller aren't enough, you'll have to wait until Tuesday (4/29). They're more than enough for any single day.

If you stay until Tuesday, you can ensure your California visit is complete. Our Tuesday food & beverage tour is wine tasting. Forget Napa and Sonoma, though; they're a long drive and expensive to boot. Much closer to San Jose is the Livermore Valley, home to Lawrence Livermore Labs and the oldest wine-growing region in California.

Livermore is still a town of boutique wineries where 5000 cases a year is big production and folks squander their retirement making small amounts of great wine. Bent Creek Winery is a great example of this, run by best friends who retired from the Livermore School district, and wizards with Syrah. Cedar Mountain Winery has been making wine a bit longer, and this pair of retired physicists from Lawrence Livermore Lab are well-known for their award winning Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Finally, it wouldn't be Livermore without someone who retired from the wine business to run a winery, and Thomas Coyne Winery, housed in the oldest standing winery in California, has made a name working with ugly-duckling grapes like Malbec, Petit Verdot and Mourvédre. We'll be stopping at all three, and (like almost every day in almost every tasting room in Livermore) the wine makers will be present.

Please, plan to stay the extra days and enjoy the region. As the convention approaches, we'll be working out the logistics of these trips. If you're interested in going on either tour, email fbtours@cc26.org

On the web:
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Makers

Café Cacao

St. George Spirits

Hangar One Vodka

Bent Creek Winery

Cedar Mountain Winery

Thomas Coyne Winery