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Victorian Picnic - 9/27 in Berkeley

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild presents:

Saturday, September 27th, 2008 -- 12pm to 5pm

Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA

This lovely autumn picnic is based around the world and costumes of Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters. Set in the 1830's, Wives & Daughters is the story of Molly Gibson and her stepsister, Cynthia Kirkpatrick—both friends and rivals in life and love. The novel, first serialized in 1864-66, was made into a delightful adaptation by BBC in 1999. The miniseries provides a wealth of costume inspiration, with beautiful day dresses appropriate for the ladies joining our little picnic, as well as suitable attire for the men who wish to join us.

While admiring each other's dresses and enjoying our picnics, we will also sample the local apple harvest. A wide selection of rare apple varieties will be available from antique apple orchards. This is a treat you do not want to miss, with varieties you have never heard of and cannot find at chain grocery stores.

COSTUME: Costumes are required for this event. The suggested costume era is 1820-1840, but as with all GBACG events, costumes do not have to be accurate reproductions.

LOCATION: Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA. ***Directions to our picnic spot will be sent to you via email when you purchase your tickets.***

TICKETS: Advance tickets are required for this event. $7.50 GBACG members, $12.50 non-members, $5 children.

Ticket purchase deadline: Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Purchase tickets and get lots more info:
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