Suzanne Rachel (slurketta) wrote in gbacg_costume,
Suzanne Rachel

Who will make my clockwork Polonaise?

So I have gathered up the Robert Kaufman fabrics, and a bunch of antique glass clockface buttons, and I would like to have a dress made for the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles in the Fall. The pattern I want is Truly Victorian 410, 1873 Polonaise.

here are my thoughts on this: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT HISTORICAL ACCURACY.
This will be a steampunk, punkass, patchwork polonaise with many fabrics, crazy trim, etc.
I actually want it to have leatherette straps across the bodice. I will NOT be wearing a corset under it, my natural shape is just fine thankyou!
I am looking for someone to make this who has made a Polonaise before, at least once, someone who has no problem completing projects in a timely fashion and isn't so busy that scheduling will be a huge challenge. And it needs to be someone local if at all possible, because I'd really like to do a trade- a portrait for the dress!- it's more fun that way. But I am also open to paying for it.
if you know anybody who might be interested, please forward them my info !
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