LJ spam plolicy

I would think that we all can agree that the shoe ad person is a spammer. Take a look at their profile. According to the LJ bylaws "If it is determined that a user is spamming, they will receive a warning. Repeat offenses will lead to further action being taken. Accounts which exist primarily for the purpose of spamming will be permanently suspended." Now, who do we talk to to get them permanently suspended?
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Our moderator has long been inactive (she's literally NOT online, and hasn't been for years).  I looked into trying to take over moderation, but LJ has some pretty stringent guidelines before they'll do anything, and instead recommends that you set up a new community...

Which is what I did:  gbacg 

Probably the best thing to do is for everyone who is a member/follower of this community to finally leave this community and instead join/follow the new gbacg  community.
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Help with men's dress coat c.1825?

I'm trying to put together a  tailcoat using the c.1825 dress-coat pattern in The Cut of Men's Clothes (Nora Waugh) and I'm having trouble figuring out if there is meant to be a single vent at the center or one at each of the buttoned pleats...? or none at all?

Does anyone have a good pic of the back of a similar coat or any advice on what was typical?

Thanks in advance!
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Moving this community to gbacg

Hello community members/watchers! Because the maintainer of this community has been long absent (but LJ doesn't let you change moderators, or close communities, because of absent moderators), we are setting up a new community for GBACG.

Please join us at gbacg! We'll keep the new community much more active now that we have an active moderator (who is me)!

eventing with small children

I am looking at the calendar and planing what events to attend and I wanted to get opinions of which events are good or bad for attending with small children.
We already go to Dickens, so we know what that is like.
My children would be properly attired.
They are currently 2.5 years and 6 months.
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1920s mini-golf event - 10/18 in San Rafael

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild presents:

Saturday, October 18th 2008 -- Tee Time at 1pm

McInnis Park Golf Center, San Rafael, CA


We’re on a movie studio back lot on a sunny California autumn afternoon. It’s the 20s. Or the 30s. Or maybe the early 40s. It’s Paramount, MGM, or United Artists. Maybe, just maybe, it’s RKO. There’s a lull in production. What to do? There’s always miniature golf! On a studio back lot? Yes. As the Studio Heads are soon to learn, letting the Marx Brothers wander around at loose ends can be dangerous. Harpo has gathered as many silly props as he could find and, with the help of Chico and assisted by the sly comments of Groucho, he has built a miniature golf course for the cast and crew of their latest film.

We’re appropriating the miniature golf course at the McInnis Park Golf Center in San Rafael, CA. An added bonus is the presence of a genuine Club House near the miniature golf course – a true 19th Hole for those that want to linger and discuss the day’s events. Everyone pays for their own beverages and food in the Club House. There’s also a shaded picnic area and snack bar at the entrance to the course, for those who would prefer to sit and watch the silliness unfold.

COSTUME: Costumes are required for this event. The suggested costume era is 1925 - 1945 sportswear or informal afternoon dress. Marx Brothers characters and Hollywood denizens (of any class) are encouraged but, definitely not required.

LOCATION: McInnis Park Golf Center, 350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA 94903

TICKETS: $8.50 GBACG members, $13.50 non-members, $8.50 children. Advance tickets are required for this event.

Ticket purchase deadline is Saturday, October 11th, 2008.

Lots more info, including the link to purchase tickets:http://www.gbacg.org/current/mini-golf-madness.html
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Victorian Picnic - 9/27 in Berkeley

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild presents:

Saturday, September 27th, 2008 -- 12pm to 5pm

Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA

This lovely autumn picnic is based around the world and costumes of Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters. Set in the 1830's, Wives & Daughters is the story of Molly Gibson and her stepsister, Cynthia Kirkpatrick—both friends and rivals in life and love. The novel, first serialized in 1864-66, was made into a delightful adaptation by BBC in 1999. The miniseries provides a wealth of costume inspiration, with beautiful day dresses appropriate for the ladies joining our little picnic, as well as suitable attire for the men who wish to join us.

While admiring each other's dresses and enjoying our picnics, we will also sample the local apple harvest. A wide selection of rare apple varieties will be available from antique apple orchards. This is a treat you do not want to miss, with varieties you have never heard of and cannot find at chain grocery stores.

COSTUME: Costumes are required for this event. The suggested costume era is 1820-1840, but as with all GBACG events, costumes do not have to be accurate reproductions.

LOCATION: Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA. ***Directions to our picnic spot will be sent to you via email when you purchase your tickets.***

TICKETS: Advance tickets are required for this event. $7.50 GBACG members, $12.50 non-members, $5 children.

Ticket purchase deadline: Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Purchase tickets and get lots more info: http://www.gbacg.org/current/wives-daughters-picnic.html
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GBACG Event Brainstorming Meeting 9/21

GBACG Event Brainstorming Meeting
Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Do you have an idea for an event or you know of a great venue for an event? Then join us at the Brainstorming Meeting on September 21st. We will be discussing event ideas and venues and helping to decide what fun events to plan for 2009. This is your guild…..let us know what kinds of events you would like to see.

This meeting will be held in Concord at 1:00pm. If you would like to attend, e-mail president@gbacg.org for the directions. See you there!
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2009 PenWAG program schedule announced

PenWAG (that's the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild) has announced their 2009 program schedule. It should be going up on the PenWAG website shortly.

January 10: Wearable Art pioneer and featured artist in the DeYoung Wearable Art exhibit Jean Caciedo will be presenting on "Exploration in Cloth" and "Sewing Tricks."

February 14, 15: Japanese design enthusiast and author of "Make Your Own Japanese Clothes" John Marshall will be presenting a design-focused workshop.

March 14: Shakerag Workshops instructor and featured artist in the DeYoung Wearable Art exhibit Ana Lisa Hedstrom, presents a retrospective and a shibori technique workshop.

May 7, 8, 9: Surface designer and author Jane Dunnewold presents on Art Cloth 2009, a workshop on "Complex Cloth" and on May 7 & 8 a pair of one-day workshops on Soy Hot Wax Batik.

June 13: PenWAG member and GalleryHouse founding member, Edith Sommer presents a program on "textile techniques in working metal" and a workshop on copper and brass jewelry.

August 8: Local artist Charlotte Kruk, infamous for her "candy wrapper" dresses, presents a program on her work.

October 3: Bernina/Farfield designer Cathie Hoover presents a workshop on "Accepting the Challenge."

November 14: Author and pattern designer Sandra Betzina does a trunk show and a workshop on fitting.

December 12: Hollywood costume designer (protegé of Edith Head), and author Gloria Heidi presents a program on "Hollywood Hats."